June 16
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President Joe Biden's stance on Israel and Iran 'emboldens terrorists,' Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News.

According to him, the Biden administration clearly expresses less support for Israelis self-defense rights than the Trump administration, and such actions entail exactly the kinds of violence that we see in the region today

"Simple things like President Biden delaying his call with Israeli leadership and restarting funding to the [Palestinian Authority] through the [United Nations], all tell Hamas and terrorists in the West Bank that America places less value on the relationship between Israel and the United States," the former secretary of state said.

He noted that the "shift in policy" of the White House towards Iran is dangerous. 

"Think about this: today, Iran hosts and protects the Iranian regime's most senior operational leaders," said Pompeo. "This week we seized a massive weapons cargo almost certainly headed from Iran to the Iranian proxy Houthis in Yemen — which this administration has now unexplainably declared not to be terrorists."

"And, now, Biden’s team is allowing hundreds of millions of dollars to go to the Iranian regime in the form of crude oil being shipped to the Chinese Communist Party," the former Trump Cabinet member continued.

"All of this signals to the Iran-backed Hamas fighters: Now is the time to fire rockets and gain global recognition and support for your asserted grievances," he said.

Pompeo added that "it should come as no surprise" that the US, trying to rejoin the Iranian nuclear deal (JCPOA), has begun to destroy the coalition that the Trump administration has built with Israel.

He believes the Biden administration is determined to give Iran a path to nuclear weapons by re-joining the JCPOA, and that will put our ally Israel in a position where it will have to take military action. 

"The Biden mantra of ‘JCPOA or war’ has it exactly backwards. When we left that incompetent agreement, there was no war, Pompeo continued. "Indeed, three nations joined the Abraham Accords declaring peace with Israel.

"Reentering the JCPOA, as we can now taste in Gaza, is the action that will reduce peace and create the conditions to cause a war that could escalate to include many countries," he added.

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