June 16
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We had been raising the issue of Sev Litch (Black Lake) for months, and we were told that the conditions were unfavorable, and they failed to solve the issue of the relevant technical equipment for months in order for our soldiers to build trenches there so that we wouldn’t face the current issue. This is what Deputy Mayor of Goris Menua Hovsepyan told Armenian, touching upon the fact that the enemy [Azerbaijan] has advanced a few kilometers in the territory of Black Lake.

“The problem is that the Azerbaijanis have advanced from the territory marked through GPS. They have trespassed the state border in the Sev Litch sector. Negotiations are underway. I have some doubt that we’ll be able to thwart them, but we might be able to make it clear where they stand. If the authorities were consistent, we wouldn’t face this issue now,” Hovsepyan emphasized.

The deputy mayor added that doesn’t have any information about battles and news that the Armenian side has one injured party.

According to Armenian presses, the Armenian side has one injured party.

Earlier, Menua Hovsepyan had written on his Facebook page that the adversary has advanced in the territory of Sev Litch and is trying to position itself.

The Ministry of Defense reported that early this morning, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, with the justification of “specification of borders”, tried to carry out certain activities in one of the border sectors in Syunik Province.

“After the actions taken by the Armenian units, the Azerbaijani soldiers stopped working. Negotiations are currently underway to solve the created situation,” the Armenian Defense Ministry’s statement reads.

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