June 14
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YEREVAN. – Past daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: No matter how much the various representatives of the government and the "platforms" of the government regularly declare that the positions of the government are strong and they do not have a problem with [getting] votes [in the snap parliamentary elections to be held on June 20], in fact, they also know that everything is the exact opposite.

According to Past newspaper’s information, it has become known from the recent opinion polls ordered by the government that the picture is sad [for them], especially in the capital; moreover, [acting PM] Nikol Pashinyan was informed that the CP [the ruling Civil Contract Party] may end up in the third place in Yerevan.

According to our source, the authorities, assessing the existing risk, are trying to find alternatives. In particular, we have clear information that the heads of a number of administrative districts of Yerevan have been instructed to write off—through condominiums—the list of people who do not live in RA [anymore].

According to the newspaper's source, more than a dozen "volunteers" of the government, with condominiums’ lists in hand, walk around the buildings and try to have a complete map of all the "closed doors" of the capital.

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