June 12
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: The [electoral] list of the "Armenia" bloc, led by second president Robert Kocharyan, is not being easily formed [for the snap parliamentary elections on June 20], although the most difficult for all the forces will be the question of the [electoral] lists, how to choose a competitive top ten without offending the teammates.

We understand from the news that reaches us that Kocharyan is particularly meticulous about the [electoral] list of his bloc, and the matter of women candidates on the list is especially difficult. According to the law, every third person on the list must be a woman, whereas there are not many [politically] active women.

If at first they were saying that the first woman [on this list] will be former Minister of Justice Arpine Hovhannisyan, and then 5th Channel [television] commentator Agnesa Khamoyan, now, according to the news, the person compiling the list has changed his mind, and the first woman candidate [on the list], at this moment, is former MP, Kocharyan’s loyal comrade-in-arms Elinar Vardanyan, Lilit Galstyan from the ARF [party] will be the second, and Anna Grigoryan, the deputy chairman of [former governor of Syunik Province] Vahe Hakobyan’s Reviving Armenia Party forming part of the bloc, a former MP of the My Step [ruling bloc], now an independent [MP] from Syunik will be third.

Leaders of political forces with a chance to pass the threshold [to win parliamentary seats] realize that strong, prepared, experienced politicians are needed, but various pressures and gossips play their role.

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