June 15
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YEREVAN. – After the change of the border, there are places where the climatic conditions, the terrain are very difficult, and the adversary [Azerbaijan] had not carried out installation process in some parts. Now the weather conditions have changed, they are carrying out installation process, and our armed Forces are watching over so that they do not go ahead of their installation sites, as the terrain is difficult, it is not easy to determine the border. Governor of the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia, Gnel Sanosyan, told this to reporters Thursday.

The governor said “no” when asked whether what happened in Syunik Province on Wednesday is the same in Gegharkunik, too. "The state border of Armenia has been preserved [in Gegharkunik]. There was one or two places with a sloping border, which our people had insisted they [the Azerbaijanis] should sit back from that part, which was settled in the process. There is absolutely no tension [in Gegharkunik]. Yesterday I was in Verin Shorzha [village] for a few hours, I was in the area where those works are. Our armed forces are working, the maps are there, this is the same process that took place in November-December," Sanosyan added.

To the question whether he can tell the local residents that the situation is safe, there is no tension, no aggression, the governor of Gegharkunik responded: "Residents have seen that the situation is calm. There were a lot of the residents with us yesterday. Nothing extraordinary happened there. They are just negotiating with each other, they are adjusting the border."

And when asked about the current situation at Sotk gold mine, Gnel Sanosyan stated that the mine was operating, but about 280 of its workers had been laid off.

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