June 13
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YEREVAN. – In general, I consider it immoral to talk about [snap parliamentary] elections [on June 20] at this phase; we are losing a country. Independent MP Taguhi Tovmasyan on Friday told this to reporters in the National Assembly of Armenia.

"Azerbaijanis are entering our house. We are losing a country, yet we are going to making [an electoral] list, to campaigning. Who are you campaigning for if we will not have a country tomorrow, we are handing over our borders? We need to understand these risks and assess them accordingly. But in Armenia, both the government and the opposition are equally busy building their personal, political future. But in which country? I cannot understand that," she added.

And asked whether there is a need for martial law now in Armenia, the lawmaker responded: "I believe we should have declared martial law a long time ago because we had maintained martial law when there was no encroachment at all on our borders. Now that Armenia's border security is really endangered, an encroachment has been carried out toward our country, yet we are not declaring martial law. I do not understand the logic. What more could have been for us to consider a need for martial law?”

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