June 23
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Since Armenia and Russia are involved in certain interstate processes, I don’t find it appropriate to focus on them. This is what secretary of the parliamentary faction of the opposition Prosperous Armenia Party Arman Abovyan said during today’s special session of the National Assembly of Armenia, touching upon MP Arman Babajanyan’s question why there is nothing mentioned about Russia in the draft statement of the National Assembly submitted by Prosperous Armenia Party when Russia is Armenia’s strategic partner and is the only Co-Chair of the OSCE Minsk Group that hasn’t responded to the current situation on Armenia’s borders.

Abovyan recalled that the soldiers of Armenia’s strategic and fraternal state [Russia] are standing on the border of Syunik and wherever there is escalation in Armenia, not French or American troops, adding that the Russian soldiers are working with the Armenian soldiers and fighting to solve the current problems.

“The troops of Armenia’s strategic partner are stationed in Syunik Province, and I assure you that this is the most important thing that is restraining the aggressor. I am certain that our Russian colleagues have done and will do everything that is in the interests of Armenia and the Armenian people,” Abovyan said.

Babajanyan noted that even though the Russians are in Syunik Province, the Azerbaijanis succeeded in advancing 3.5 km into the territory of Armenia. “There is a conviction that Azerbaijan couldn’t do this without Russia’s permission. We need to be sincere and ask whether Russia is part of all this or not,” he added.

In response, Abovyan said if the Russians hadn’t stood on the border, the Azerbaijanis would have advanced further. “Generating anti-Russian moods in Armenia will put the country at risk. Armenia has a security system that is built within the framework of the joint operations with our strategic partner,” he said.

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