June 23
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A war is on the brink Syunik Province, and nobody is here to answer questions in a closed or open regime. This is what deputy of the opposition Prosperous Armenia faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Naira Zohrabyan said during today’s special session of the National Assembly.

“The sovereign territory of Armenia has been breached for a few days now. I am in contact with the heads of communities of Syunik Province on a daily basis. A little while ago, I talked to Mayor of Goris Arush Arushanyan, who said the situation is tense. Mr. Apitonyan, please tell us where the defense minister is. I understand that he is having lunch in central Yerevan and doesn’t have time to answer very important questions,” she said.

Zohrabyan recalled that a few days ago, the acting Prime Minister had said there was no problem with equipping the frontline.

“The Azerbaijanis have seized the Sev Lake territory, which is of strategic significance, and the water is used by the residents of Goris and nine other nearby settlements. Currently, Sisian and Goris are directly under the target of the Azerbaijanis. They have crossed the border of the Republic of Armenia. Why haven’t the 250 Azerbaijani soldiers been captured as saboteurs?” Zohrabyan said.

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