June 23
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YEREVAN. – The situation after the encroachments of the Azerbaijani armed forces on some border areas of Syunik and Gegharkunik Provinces of Armenia on Wednesday and Thursday, under the pretext of "border adjustment," has not changed yet. The Ministry of Defense of Armenia on Friday issued a statement in this regard.

"The Armenian has side presented its clear demand to the Azerbaijani military on returning to the starting positions without any preconditions.

Negotiations, starting on May 12, to resolve the issue peacefully, will continue tomorrow.

The information circulating on the Internet and various media outlets since this morning about new cases of the advance of the Azerbaijani armed forces does not correspond to reality.

After May 13, the Azerbaijani units not only have not advanced [further into Armenian territories], but as a result of the actions of the Armenian armed forces, they were forced to leave some territories," the statement reads in particular.

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