June 15
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YEREVAN. – It is the work of our honor to remove—with a victory the opposition in the upcoming elections—the disgraceful and capitulator authorities that failed the governance of the state, endangered the future of the people and the statehood, to restore the full sovereignty of the Republic of Armenia, to return to our people the right to live peacefully, safely and create with dignity in their homeland, and faith in tomorrow. We cannot and have no moral right to step aside and indifferently follow the course of the collapse of the state. The third President and former ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) chairman Serzh Sargsyan said this in his remarks before Saturday’s signing of the memorandum on the formation of the "I Have Honor" bloc, comprising the RPA and the Homeland Party, for the snap parliamentary elections on June 20.

According to him, geopolitical developments, growing tensions almost everywhere, events unrolling in Armenia's vicinity, threats directly threatening the country, and the inadequate behavior of the current Armenian authorities give no reason to be optimistic to hope that in such conditions it is possible today to prevent—with literate and calculated steps—the impending danger, get out of the destructive cycle, and put the course of the Armenian state on a safe and developmental track. "And this is possible, quite possible without the populists who seized power, who are leading—with broad steps—the country to final destruction," added Sargsyan.

The third President said that at the time, they had brought victory to the Armenian people. "In the homeland, or in any part of the world, the Armenian walked with his head held high as a child of a victorious people, as a representative of a victorious people. We will return that pride; nothing is impossible," said Serzh Sargsyan.

And speaking about forming a bloc with the Homeland Party, he stated that the Homeland Party leader, Artur Vanetsyan—former director of the National Security Service—, had sensed the dangers in time and talked about it, but, alas, they did not listen to him.

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