June 14
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The Azerbaijanis came to set up a military post, and after a talk, it was decided that they would set up their military post 200 meters away from the border. This is what head of Haterk village of Martakert region of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Radik Grigoryan said during a conversation with Armenian

“The news about the Azerbaijanis advancing is misinformation. They merely tried to move forward, but we talked to them and they went back to where they were. There haven’t been any gunshots or other problems,” he stated.

Asked if there is tension in Artsakh amid the events unfolding in Syunik Province of Armenia, Grigoryan said there will always be tension so long as the leader of Armenia remains in power. According to him, security is a bigger problem in villages than in the city.

During a conversation with Armenian, deputy of the Justice faction of the National Assembly of Artsakh Metakse Hakobyan said the adversary had advanced in the direction of a few villages of Artsakh.

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