June 22
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The goal of the upcoming elections is not to change the team. These elections are not about individuals. Their peculiarity is that we are faced with a choice. Do we want to have a safe country, or to live on our knees? A growing economy, or an increase in unemployment and emigration? Solidarity within the country, or hatred? Second President Robert Kocharyan, the leader of the "Armenia" bloc that will run in the snap parliamentary elections on June 20, stated this during a rally in Goris town.

"Our country is facing a choice. I propose to citizens to take three steps. To take a pen and paper (…) and write down the main problems facing the country. I am convinced that first of all there will be security, secondly—economic problems, thirdly—the moral and psychological state of the country.

The second step: Ask yourself a question: Is this government able to solve these problems? I'm convinced—no. It is these very authorities that have given birth to these problems. They have shaken the security, they are responsible for the death of thousands of compatriots and the loss of territories, the state of the army, the economic downturn, unemployment, the huge outflow of population, the zeroing of investments. As for the internal political situation, even now they are spreading 'poison,' dividing the country into 'blacks' and 'whites,' old and new [authorities]; and this will continue.

The answer is clear here as well. Third step: I propose [to you] to take the list of parties and blocs [that will run in the aforesaid election], and decide for yourselves who is the force that has sufficient knowledge, experience, and will to get the country out of this situation. We believe it's us [the ‘Armenia’ bloc]. Allow [us] to lead you, and you will not regret it," Kocharyan stated.

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