June 22
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The public is waiting for the promised disclosures today. This is what Vice-President of the Republican Party of Armenia Armen Ashtoyan wrote on his Facebook page, adding the following:

“The 24 hours that Serzh Sargsyan had given have passed, and the capitulator failed to make public at least one, I repeat — at least one piece of evidence with regard to the allegations against the third President of Armenia, including the allegations related to corruption, casinos and plunder.

As far as Sargsyan’s promise is concerned, a little while ago, during a meeting in Gegharkunik Province, he disclosed an audio recording that clearly shows that Nikol [Nikol Pashinyan] deliberately led the process of negotiations [over the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict] to failure and led the Armenian people to war. The audio recording also shows that the capitulator continues to blame Russia for the Four-Day Artsakh War of April 2016.

Nikol is seen as a madman abroad with his statements on issues of national importance, and 5,000 Armenian martyrs paid the price for his madness.

Yes, this is also an international scandal, but this is secondary for me. What is primary is the fact that the disclosed audio recording proves that Nikol is the number one threat to the national security of Armenia. The video about the rest will be released soon.”

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