June 22
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In the modern digital world, to think that you can say one thing to the Chinese, something else—to the Russians, and a third thing—to the Americans is a big mistake. Second President Robert Kocharyan, the leader of the "Armenia" bloc that will run in the snap parliamentary elections on June 20, stated this during a meeting with the residents of Talin town in Aragatsotn Province, when asked about his view on the policy of the current Armenian authorities.

"The policy of a liar; cheap nimbleness. You do not gain reliable partners that way; you only lose [them]. Maybe in the 15-16th centuries it could have been possible to build such a policy, there was no connection, there were no Telegram channels. But now everything appears immediately. But these [the incumbent Armenian authorities] were only engaged in that. How can they trust you if you were anti-Russian for 20 years, were writing relevant articles, were holding rallies against the Russian military base [in Gyumri], and suddenly became pro-Russian after the [parliamentary] election [in 2018]? There was an element of distrust from the beginning.

Then he [i.e., acting PM Nikol Pashinyan] began to deceive. It was one topic with the Russians, another—with the Iranians. But no matter how much he would say that he is pro-Russian, they [the Russian] watch the [state-funded] Public Television [of Armenia], they see how your supporters behave. In general Liberty radio station, which is funded by the [US] State Department, has become the main criticizer. And the colleagues realize that they are trying to deceive them. The only way is to be straightforward and honest. I have always done so, and relations with everyone were good. If you say to the US, 'The corridor of our relations is such, but I am ready for full cooperation within that corridor,' it works. If you do not enter the sphere of their disagreements, a policy of cooperation can always be pursued," Kocharyan said.

He stressed that Armenia’s broken trust with Russia shall be restored. "You are right. Personal connections and the ‘road traveled’ will help to do it quickly," the former president said, responding to the consideration of his relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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