June 22
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We won’t allow vendetta. This is what candidate of the “I Have the Honor” bloc for Prime Minister of Armenia Artur Vanetsyan said today.

Vanetsyan regretted to mention that the person making such threats is representing Armenia and is the acting Prime Minister. “He [Nikol Pashinyan] is making threats, and this is simply unacceptable. What does he mean by saying ‘we’ll rip heads off and break teeth’? Who are you to threaten citizens of Armenia in their country? If you’re that strong, respond to Aliyev and the Turks. Why don’t you respond when the Azerbaijanis invade our territory and beat our soldiers? We are compelled to respond to the Azerbaijanis, and now he tells us to prepare for vendetta.

Let them try to use force or threaten our supporters and any citizen of Armenia, for that matter. I assure that this won’t be good for them,” Vanetsyan stated.

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