June 22
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YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd newspaper of Armenia writes: According to Zhoghovurd daily’s information, the release of David Galstyan—Patron Davo—, who is engaged in the arms trade business, was not accidental at all.

First, let us note that Davit Galstyan was under arrest since February 2 and was released on May 17. He has been charged with supplying to the Ministry of Defense another type of 1977 Czech-made artillery shells, which were considerably inferior in tactical features, instead of the 1983-86-production artillery shells of corresponding caliber.

And, according to our information, the contract for the purchase of that weapon and the commission that dealt with the organizational issues of the procurement process were created during Artak Davtyan's tenure as Chief of [General] Staff of the Armed Forces, and that is why he [Galstyan] was released from custody when the latter [Davtyan] was reappointed [to the aforesaid post].

The thing is that if Patron Davo were arrested again, Artak Davtyan would also have been held accountable along with him, as those incidents happened during his tenure; they collaborated.

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