July 31
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Director of Arevik National Park (the park is under the subordination of the Ministry of Environment) Gagik Gevorgyan has been dismissed. This is what Mayor of Meghri Mkhitar Zakaryan said during the conversation with Armenian

“Gagik Gevorgyan is a member of the Council of Elders of Meghri and, again, he is also against Nikol [Nikol Pashinyan] as a normal and adequate person. On June 4, he was relieved of his post, and today, a person who doesn’t know anything about forests and nature has been appointed to the position, and his only merit is that he supports Nikol Pashinyan,” he said.

Zakaryan also informed that Gevorgyan will apply to the Administrative Court, adding that Gevorgyan believes his dismissal is groundless. “During a personal talk, Romanos Petrosyan (Minister of Environment) told him that his dismissal is based on the fact that he is a friend of the mayor of Meghri,” Zakaryan said.

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