July 29
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Cooperation with other forces can only be achieved if we implement the government of national accord we propose. Bright Armenia Party (BAP) MP Ani Samsonyan stated this Saturday during the BAP’s election campaign ahead of the snap parliamentary elections on June 20.

"We [the AP] say that we will not prepare a seat [of power] and we will not present a seat [of power] to anyone. We say that if we see that there are political forces that have smart heads, professional people, we will unite them," she added.

Asked who they see as the Prime Minister of that government of national accord, Samsonyan responded: "We cannot say that [now] because we do not know in what proportion the political forces will enter the parliament. [But] we also see risks that there may be a second round [of elections], which could lead to even more shocks."

In turn, Gevorg Gorgisyan, secretary of the Bright Armenia faction in the current parliament, added that the point is that the BAP have enough power to be able to "neutralize" acting PM Nikol Pashinyan and second President Kocharyan, alike, so that they do not become the next Prime Minister, as this will lead to public clashes and the continuation of hate speech. "Our prime ministerial candidate is Edmon Marukyan [the BAP leader and head of its parliamentary faction]; but once entering the parliament, we are ready for discussions," Gorgisyan added.

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