August 04
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ArmenIan acting PM Nikol Pashinyan's team did not fulfill any of its promises, and in addition caused the loss of 75% of Artsakh, the death of 5,000 and the injury of 11,000 people, the second president of Armenia, leader of the "Armenia" bloc, candidate for the RA Prime Minister Kocharyan told residents of Alaverdi town.

He reminded Pashinyan's promise that no decision on Artsakh will be made without discussion on the square. As a result, the document was signed alone. Even his team did not know about the signing of the document.  Instead of economic growth, inflation is such that they have eaten even the accumulated.  Unemployment has grown significantly, the outflow of the population, and incomes of the population have declined.

“They talked about justice, even rode a bicycle.  Now, in order to move from building to building, 2 thousand policemen are guarding the PM.  30 cars accompany him on the trip, including buses. Who knows how much money is spent on ensuring the safety of one person.  If they wanted to be with the people, they would have stayed in their homes,” he said.

“We're going to turn government dachas into a rehabilitation center. Andranik Markaryan, being prime minister, lived in his house in Avan and played backgammon with neighbors on Sundays. There were speakers who lived in their homes and did not shout what was wrong with the people,” he added.

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