August 04
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After the disgraceful campaign meeting in Avshar village today, the lame-duck government has instructed to launch criminal prosecution against head of the village Surik Grigoryan by all means. Aram Vardevanyan, official representative of the central headquarters of “Armenia” bloc which is running in the June 20 snap parliamentary elections, wrote on his Facebook page today, adding the following:

“In terms of law, the absurdity is that the authorities are trying to find elements of crime to allegedly obstruct the campaign meeting when the campaign meeting is fully a success. The real reason was simply people’s indifference towards the meeting of the lame-duck government, which was preceded by the damage of posters of “Armenia” bloc in an organized manner, and this had a fully opposite effect among the public.

We specifically urge law-enforcement authorities to return to the legal field and put an end to this disgrace. I assure that “Armenia” bloc will be strictly consistent with this.”

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