July 31
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: The next stop of the authorities within the framework of the election campaign [ahead of the snap parliamentary elections on Sunday] will be today in Syunik Province. In April, [acting PM] Pashinyan was "warmly" received here, and earlier, he could not enter Syunik at all. So [now] they have decided to do everything possible to prevent such a prospect and mobilize as many supporters as possible.

About 2,000 traveling supporters, about a thousand policemen will leave for Syunik with Pashinyan, all the organizations of Syunik have stood up. For several days now, there has been a commotion at the provincial hall, they are literally terrorizing the heads of the institutions under the provincial hall to be present with staff, families at Pashinyan's meetings. Otherwise, they will bid farewell to [their] positions.

The heaviest burden is placed on the police. All private passenger buses have been ordered, which these days also serve the [election] campaign of other [political] forces.

Provincial governor Melikset Poghosyan has personally told the school principals that they should meet Pashinyan impressively with the school staff—with students.

In addition to this, yesterday the prosecutor's office issued a statement on completing the investigation against the mayor of Goris [town in Syunik] and sending the case to court.

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