August 05
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There is virtually no one in Goris town to meet acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Goris Deputy Mayor Menua Hovsepyan told about this to Armenian

As reported earlier, Pashinyan is conducting an election campaign in Syunik Province Tuesday.

"The situation in Goris is normal; we are always fighting. I am least interested in Pashinyan coming. There is virtually no one to meet him here; I see it myself now. If there will be, know that they are people who have been brought. I have already recorded how many people there were as of 12:30pm; the rest they will bring now by buses," Hovsepyan said.

But the deputy mayor did not want to talk about protest demonstrations against Pashinyan. "We already know how many people there are; administrative resources are being used. They will mainly bring [teachers and kids] from schools," he added.

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