July 25
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It was a cheap show, they had everything — a director, cameraman, actor, audience and decoration, and the only thing we provided was an area. This is what Mayor of Kajaran Manvel Paramazyan told Armenian as he touched upon acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan’s statement that “certain mayors of cities of Syunik Province will be laid down on the asphalts of Agarak after the elections”.

“I was told that he was tearing himself apart and threatening, and these are clinical symptoms. He looked at the crowd of strangers he had brought with him and addressed them by saying ‘dear citizens of Kajaran’…There were no citizens of Kajaran there. There was no ban on participation, but people were ashamed to participate. Citizens of Kajaran didn’t participate in that embarrassing meeting. He is misleading naïve people with illusions of dispossession. The zombies still haven’t understood that he has only enriched his team and could care less about the future of the country and the people’s socio-economic situation,” the mayor said, adding that the ruling Civil Contract Party’s campaign meeting in Syunik Province was like a political ‘buffet’ where Pashinyan just told lies and didn’t present any plan, agenda or strategy to help get the country out of the current situation.

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