July 29
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The election campaign with swear words and the sharp resistance are just the beginning, and there will be post-election developments, even clashes during the elections since the two main sides will take all measures. This is what first President of Armenia, leader of the Armenian National Congress political party Levon Ter-Petrosyan said during an interview aired on Armenian Public Television.

Ter-Petrosyan refuted that he had referred to his successors as Mongols and Tatars.

“I said the state that Robert Kocharyan established was a state with a Tatar-Mongol system, and I repeat it, this is an academic concept,” he added.

According to Ter-Petrosyan, there is a need to hear a third opinion and the views of intelligentsia. “The intelligentsia in Armenian isn’t doing what it needed to do, that is, balance the resistance of the authorities and the opposition. The intelligentsia was no different from the Fedayins (freedom fighters). The Institute of History is already educating the third generation of Armenian historians as people who are fighting for the Armenian Cause and will not give up lands. A few days after my resignation, academician Vladimir Barkhudaryan and told me that the intelligentsia had betrayed me, but I said the intelligentsia had betrayed the people,” Ter-Petrosyan said.

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