July 29
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Pashinyan's team has devalued the notion of power. Robert Kocharyan—the second President, leader of the "Armenia" bloc which will run in Sunday’s snap parliamentary elections, and its candidate for prime minister—stated this during their election campaign meeting with the residents of Artik town in Shirak Province, and referring to acting PM Nikol Pashinyan.

"There has never been such a situation in Armenia. They [the incumbent Armenian authorities] have appointed to positions people who cannot say two words. They have deprived the whole state system of respect. One can trust or not trust the authorities, but when they stop respecting the authorities, it is a disaster for the country," Kocharyan stressed.

The second President recalled that the current authorities have abolished several important ministries—such as agriculture and culture. "Armenia has always had serious threats in terms of security. And in such a country, five heads of the NSS [(National Security Service)] have changed in three years; this is a sabotage or stupidity, let everyone judge for themselves. Four Chiefs of General Staff [were changed] in a country that was in an undeclared war before the [Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)] war [last fall]. Three Ministers of Economy [were changed] in a country in economic crisis. I can go on and on. This means that people [currently in power in Armenia] do not understand what the stability of the power system is. (…). Frequent change means that a person does not have time to get acquainted with the situation or fulfill his promises," Kocharyan said, adding that now the Armenian Foreign Ministry does not exist at all. "And people [there] are not at fault; they are experienced diplomats," he said.

"And there is one person [i.e., Pashinyan] on top of all this who cannot govern himself. How will he govern the country?" the second President asked.

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