July 25
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YEREVAN. – Yesterday we received the data of the surveys which were conducted in the big cities of the country, and which testify that our party is in third place. Edmon Marukyan—chairman of the Bright Armenia Party (BAP), head of its current parliamentary faction, and their candidate for Prime Minister—said this Wednesday during their election campaign in the capital Yerevan ahead of Sunday’s snap parliamentary elections.

He did not speak about the respective percentages, assuring, however, that everyone will be convinced of that on Election Day.

Marukyan added that it does not matter what the percentage is, and the important thing is the respective trend. "The Bright Armenia Party will play an exceptional role in the post-election period in order to prevent the expected clashes. When they take the people out to rallies in advance on June 21, 22, 23, 24 and say that, 'We do not accept the results of the voting,' this is fraught with serious consequences," the BAP leader said.

If none of the poles wins, then, according to him, it means that solidarity will prevail because the people do not support any of them. "No one can secure 54 [parliamentary] mandates for himself. But we also have no ambitions to appear in the Government of National Accord. I will not run for the post of Prime Minister in the Government of National Accord. Professionals must work in it, whereas the political forces must remain in the parliament," the BAP leader explained.

He emphasized that the election campaign of their party has become even more active in recent days. "Our messages have had a greater impact on people, and the opposition between the two poles has contributed to that. Political parties also are joining our call," Edmon Marukyan concluded.

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