July 26
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The national opposition will garner 50% + 1 vote in the very first round. Eduard Sharmazanov—National Assembly ex-deputy speaker, former ruling Republican Party of Armenia vice-chairman, and a member of the "I Have the Honor" bloc that will run in the snap parliamentary elections on Sunday—told this to a press conference Thursday, in connection with these elections.

According to him, the aforesaid can be the political forces that were also part of the Homeland Salvation Movement—which had demanded acting PM Nikol Pashinyan’s resignation. "I do not see a prospect that there will be a second round [of these elections]. I rule out that the acting Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, will win the elections," he said.

According to Sharmazanov, the "capitulator"—i.e., Pashinyan—has no power for a long time now and does not enjoy the people's trust. "Today he speaks about [getting] 60% of the votes, but in reality he will not get even half of that number. There is virtually no local population at Pashinyan's [election campaign] rallies in the provinces," the opposition politician added.

The representative of the "I Have the Honor" bloc stressed that Sunday’s elections will be crucial, and the Armenian society must reject "the capitulator and the puppet of Erdogan and Aliyev." "I call to vote for the national forces which have proved that they can ensure our security. (…). On June 20, we must show that the Armenian society rejects the internal enemy. The ‘I have the honor’ bloc will do everything not to permit the reproduction of the capitulator’s power," Eduard Sharmazanov concluded.

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