August 03
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From 2008 until today, our country has been in the skirmishes of these four people: the three [former] presidents, and the current [acting] prime minister. Edmon Marukyan—chairman of the opposition Bright Armenia Party (BAP), head of its current parliamentary faction, and their candidate for Prime Minister—on Friday told this to reporters during the BAP’s election campaign ahead of Sunday’s snap parliamentary elections.

"Can you let us live too, let the people live, let a generation grow up that has nothing to do with these processes?" he added, in particular.

Marukyan said that their political force is the third in this election campaign. "It means that we will be the third force in the parliament again. I cannot say the percentage; it will be seen from the voting. But the developments are going in that direction," he noted.

Asked if the BAP will take to the streets if it does not win seats in parliament, Marukyan responded: "You can take to the streets only in one case: if, for example, the elections are being rigged; if, for example, there is a catastrophe in the country. Today, Bright Armenia is in the context of ruling out taking to the streets. If we are coming in order to unite everyone, with calls for solidarity, what [taking to] streets? We have freed the streets by calling snap elections.

The people want and force consolidation. People are not asking, ‘Do you like or don’t like this [political force]?’ People are saying, 'That's enough! The country has bigger challenges than your internal problems.' People just can't tolerate all this. The country has a thousand problems, we must unite, solve those problems; this is what people want, and we [the BAP] are doing this."

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