July 26
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There are 25 political parties running in these elections, but all surveys show that maximum 5 political parties can make it to parliament, meaning 20 forces won’t pass the threshold. This is what leader of the opposition Bright Armenia Party Edmon Marukyan said during the political party’s campaign meeting today.

“I would like to address those who still haven’t decided whether they should cast their votes for Bright Armenia Party or not, but want to vote for a particular party. Bright Armenia Party kept its doors open for new forces until the electoral lists were released. We tried to engage new forces and have a new list. Citizens who feel that they don’t know which party to vote for, should know that we will be open for those forces until the elections for local self-government bodies in October. If you feel that you’re not sure, I assure you that your votes for Bright Armenia Party will count because we will definitely be in the new parliament. We’re going to fight until the end to advance our agenda for formation of a government of national accord,” Marukyan said, adding that nothing will work out, if such a government is not formed.

“On June 20, we all have an alternative to hatred and violence, and the alternative is solidarity and unity,” the political party’s leader added.

After the campaign meeting, Bright Armenia Party began a march of solidarity on the streets of Yerevan.

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