July 26
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We will do everything we can to meet your expectations and build the Armenia of our dreams together. Robert Kocharyan—leader of “Armenia” bloc and its candidate for premier—said during the bloc’s rally at Republic Square today.

“Today is the last day of the election campaign. My partners have already told me that we have visited all the provinces, as well as cities and villages of the country. Now we have a better understanding of how you are all living, what you need and what problems the country is facing. I am grateful to all those who met with us and helped us better understand what is going on and inspired us. Thank you. However, it’s important to state that we started the campaign and will end it with a victorious march.

We have also understood that this isn’t a struggle for power. This is a struggle to return statehood to the people. There are four main issues facing the country, including 1. protection of the country and return of borders, 2. the future of Nagorno-Karabakh, 3. the economic situation, unemployment, poverty and migration and 4. the super tense political atmosphere and hatred. The incumbent authorities are unable to solve these issues since they created these issues. Unlike the current political authorities, we have experience, knowledge, determination and will. Trust us, give us the opportunity to assume responsibility for the future of the country, advance the country in all directions, make the army strong again and revive the economy. And so, on June 20, vote for #24. We’re all fighting for our votes, but not only during the vote, but also after the vote in order to make sure the votes aren’t lost. Let’s all move towards a strong Armenia. Everything is going to be alright,” Kocharyan said.

After his speech, famous Armenian singer and Kocharyan’s daughter-in-law, Sirusho addressed the attendees with a song.

Looking at the thousands of people at Republic Square, the candidate for premier noted the following: “This image is very impressive and binding. This will make me work hard day and night. We’ll do everything we can to meet your expectations and build the Armenia of our dreams together.”

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