August 01
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I want to urge all of you to definitely go to the election precincts, make your choice, your move, and form a [new] government. Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said this on Facebook livestream Saturday—ahead of Sunday’s snap parliamentary elections in Armenia.

"Of course, we already see that there are some attempts to influence the election results. But we also see that it will not work because our law enforcement system is very effective in countering all cases of vote buying, illegal influence on the will of voters, and you can be sure that this practice [by the law enforcement system] will continue. So, the people's choice, voting will be clearly recorded and expressed in the form of final election records," he said.

Pashinyan emphasized that the winner of Sunday's elections shall be the citizen of Armenia. "Because his principled choice will be clearly and unequivocally recorded in the final election records. I hope and I am sure that you will go to the election precincts, make your choice, and open a new page for Armenia, finally overcoming the political crisis, the turmoil that has been formed during the last 7-8 months. And so, my call, request, urging [to you is] to definitely go to the election precincts and make a choice," Pashinyan added.

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