July 29
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The subsequent elections held in the conditions of dominance of a semi-colonial regime were no different from previous elections by any essential standard. This is stated in the statement issued by the National-Democratic Axis Party.

The statement also states the following: “The people still hadn’t healed after the devastating war organized through the service of the current and former regimes of Armenia and agreed upon by Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan when the same role-players made the people choose between bad and the worst through combined and planned efforts.

Based on this, and taking into account several facts, we declare that: (1) we consider the elections unfair and not free, and we consider the results contradicting to the goals of sovereignty of the Armenian state and also unacceptable, and (2) we consider the authorities to be formed on the basis of the results of these elections and their past and future actions on behalf of the Republic of Armenia (including the international treaties that might be signed, if they concern the statement of 9 November 2020, except for the provisions regarding ceasefire and humanitarian issues) or arise from those actions, to be initially illegitimate and subject to annulment by the future national authorities.”

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