July 29
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During this period, we have received several complaints about coercion, dismissal of employees and similar issues within local self-government bodies, in the private sector and in all the possible places where the ‘phantoms’ of the former authorities and their supporters had an opportunity to coerce or dismiss employees. This is what acting Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Suren Papikyan said during today’s rally held by the ruling Civil Contract Party at Republic Square in Yerevan.

“In the past, there were several times when we stated that we would go after those people after June 20 [the day of the snap parliamentary elections in Armenia]. Starting tomorrow, I will personally undertake the initiative to restore the rights of all citizens within my jurisdiction. Start restoring human rights tomorrow at 9 am,” Papikyan said, addressing, as he called them, the unlawful employers “who have already regretted”.

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