July 31
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: [Acting PM] Nikol Pashinyan will use his "steel mandate" against the opponents.

If in the time of "velvet" a legal "limitlessness" was reigning in the country, it is clear what arbitrariness we will witness now.

Already, they unjustifiably arrested respected doctor, MC [(medical center)] director Armen Charchyan, the court released him; now, the CEC [(Central Electoral Commission)] of [its chairman] Tigran Mukuchyan, the eternal servant of the authorities, has stripped the person with the status of an MP of his [parliamentary] immunity, so that another servant of Pashinyan, the prosecutor's office, can continue the criminal prosecution.

[Freedom fighter] Artur Ayvazyan, nicknamed "Manakh," was also arrested, whose fault is that during the live broadcast on June 9, “referring to the incident of the beating of an Armenian soldier by Azerbaijanis on the state border of RA and AR [(Azerbaijan Republic)], he cursed at the RA military-political leadership, the RA acting Prime Minister, and those who will vote for the acting [PM] in the [snap parliamentary] elections [on June 20]." He is charged with hooliganism, whose punishment is just a fine.

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