August 03
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Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Minister of State Artak Beglaryan made a Facebook posted where he presented what happened during Monday’s rally in the capital Stepanakert. He wrote as follows, in particular:

"When I visited the rally site, I called for calm over the loudspeaker so that we could discuss their demands. Then I tried to again speak over the loudspeaker several times, but was interrupted by chants of ‘traitor.’ Logically, viewing this as being addressed to me, I literally said, ‘If I am a traitor, then we are all traitors here,’ meaning that I also am one of them and none of us is a ‘traitor.’

After that, some people started disseminating [on social media] that I told the people, ‘You are the traitor,’ whereas the substantive difference between that claim and what I said is huge.

Of course, some of the rally participants later approached me and explained that the chants were not directed at me, acknowledging the misunderstanding. Despite that misunderstanding, my communication with the rally participants was constructive, overall.

As always, I am fully prepared to play a constructive role in establishing dialogue and in civilized settlement of issues."

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