August 05
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YEREVAN. – I did not see a clear call and desire for solidarity in Nikol Pashinyan's speech. Artur Vanetsyan, the candidate for prime minister of the "I Have Honor" bloc of Armenia and the leader of the opposition Homeland Party, stated this during a press conference on Wednesday, referring to acting premier Pashinyan’s address. 

"I saw a torrent of the same threats—simply worded in softer and more beautiful words. You cannot call for solidarity, at the same time say that, 'We will lie everyone down, we will make them sit [in prisons], we will do this, we will do that.' I do not want to and I cannot believe in [his] words. If Nikol Pashinyan really wants solidarity in our society, peace in our country, then he must show with his moves in a very short time that he has changed.

In [the past] three years, his calls, statements, and realities have differed considerably. If he tries to really bring solidarity and peace to our country, I will only be happy. But only time will tell. Our attitude towards Nikol Pashinyan will be mirror. If we see that he is able to change, is able become a real statesman—which I do not believe in—, then, of course, we must act with a different logic," Vanetsyan added.

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