July 31
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: Since yesterday, [acting PM] Nikol Pashinyan has been receiving the leaders of the one-man parties that participated in the [snap parliamentary] election battle, but their main mission was to pulverize votes and contribute to Pashinyan's victory.

But Pashinyan did not offer them positions, but a body formed from extra-parliamentary forces, where will be included the leaders of the defeated [political] forces who will shake the "hand of solidarity" he has extended. He said that it is not right for that political capital to be lost, and they should express their opinion which he will listen to and apply.

We were told that no figure [from among them] was offered a specific position in any system, from which some of the participants of the meeting had concluded that the council to be established will function on the account of the [state] budget, and the members of the council will receive salaries; that is, Pashinyan will not leave his like-minded clients idle.

Let us recall that during the June 21 rally, Nikol Pashinyan had called for dialogue with all the "segments" with whom he had a debate before. Some [of these political] forces, for example, the National People's Pole and Karin Tonoyan's "5165" movement, have rejected this invitation.

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