August 01
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: Heated post-election developments are unrolling at the "I Have Honor" bloc. Who [from among them] shall take the [parliamentary] mandate? Who [from among them] shall write a petition of withdrawal [from these parliamentary seats]?

[Third President and former ruling RPA party leader] Serzh Sargsyan [who had campaigned for the aforesaid bloc] wants to send as many RPA members as possible to the [newly elected] parliament. He is not so satisfied with the current proportion that in the seven-member [“I Have Honor”] faction there will be four MPs with the RPA quota, three—with [opposition Homeland Party leader Artur] Vanetsyan’s [who headed the electoral list of this bloc].

Let us recall that the [MP] candidates nominated by Vanetsyan are the former chairman of the Control Chamber, Ishkhan Zakaryan, and former [majority] My Step [parliamentary faction] MP Taguhi Tovmasyan. Artur Vanetsyan said yesterday that he would also take the [parliamentary] mandate. Meanwhile, the RPA hoped that Vanetsyan would not go to the parliament, and the number of their teammates [in parliament] would increase by one person—in the person of Martun Grigoryan from Gyumri.

Now they are trying to persuade that both [former Yerevan mayor] Taron Margaryan and Ishkhan Zakaryan are not suitable figures for the legislature, it would be right that they resign from the mandates, and [Yerevan Council of Elders member] Tehmine Vardanyan and Martun Grigoryan enter the parliament. The thing is that Zakaryan once had problems with Serzh Sargsyan and may become unmanageable. Meanwhile, the latter thinks that he, coordinating the whole electoral process, deserves that mandate and aspires to head the [parliamentary] standing committee to be given to "I Have Honor."

It is noteworthy that there is a compromise in this issue in the ruling camp, and, in all probability, they will offer the second opposition force [in parliament] the economic committee, which is in direct contact with the government, and Zakaryan can get in touch with the authorities.

There are no two opinions here as to who will be the head of the [parliamentary] faction of the ["I Have Honor"] bloc: Artur Vanetsyan.

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