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The sentencing of Armenian captives in Azerbaijan is completely baseless, an artificial result of an artificial process. Their imprisonment is a punishment prohibited by international law. The Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman) of Armenia, Arman Tatoyan, noted this in a statement which continues as follows, in particular:

"Every 'trial' organized by the Azerbaijani authorities is accompanied by Azerbaijani media publications (…) that violate human dignity, rights. It is obvious that it is done specially and has an organized nature. Azerbaijani social media are also being filled with hateful ‘discussions,’ calls to torture, kill captives (evidence is documented).

It is obvious that these ‘trials’ are a veil intended for the outside world. They are so that they have—in Azerbaijan—a ‘justification’ for not releasing the captives, and in the meantime they get as much military-political benefits as possible.

The monitoring shows that in fact, political bargaining and human trafficking are taking place (…).

(…) the trials cause additional mental suffering, make more painful what the people are going through.

All the available facts and the conduct of the Azerbaijani authorities are an open contempt for the entire international community, disrupting the system of international humanitarian law that was developed for decades.

All [Armenian] captives [in Azerbaijan] must be released immediately and returned to their homeland without any preconditions."

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