December 01
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What happened yesterday proves that there were violations in the election process; that is, the term "electoral fraud" is a circumstance directly documented with these elections. Attorney Aram Vardevanyan, the opposition "Armenia" bloc—led by second President Robert Kocharyan—representative at the Constitutional Court, on Monday told this to Armenian, and regarding the results of the snap parliamentary elections on June 20.

"The European Court also has repeatedly stated in its case law that any type of [electoral] fraud must be assessed. In this case, the high court will give an assessment—including on both quantitative and qualitative electoral fraud," Vardevanyan added, in particular.

He claimed that this electoral fraud, in their opinion, had a considerable impact on the election results. "On the one hand, we see that there are no 4,000 signatures on the voter lists at 109 polling stations. On the other hand, we see that the passports of the 10 percent of the 1 million 281 thousand voters did not work. The general rule is that passports must work. The Central Electoral Commission stated that this is a positive responsibility of the state, but it is in the domain of the police.

If we have a breach of order, it already has an impact on the outcome. Do you understand what a big change 10 percent of the votes could have made in terms of the whole process? We find that this 10 percent, the 4,000 signatures, we have servicemen about whom even the Central Electoral Commission does not have information. All this leads to a difference of more than 200,000 votes," said the representative of the "Armenia" bloc.

He added that people's passports were inputted by specialists, most of whom are employees of the state system.

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