December 07
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I was convinced that the elections were rigged; on a total scale, at that. Artak Galstyan, a representative of the opposition Hayots Hayrenik (Armenian Homeland) party, on Monday told this to Armenian, and regarding the results of the snap parliamentary elections on June 20

"The most interesting [thing] is that [acting PM] Nikol Pashinyan spoke—in his live broadcast on June 19—for the first time about the rigging of the elections, considering that an unprecedented number of vote buying and other electoral fraud took place. This is the only case where I and the public authorities agree. I just do not understand that in that case, if Nikol Pashinyan announces that there are an unprecedented number of vote buying, why does he not dispute the election results?

Nikol Pashinyan states that at least two parties have distributed an unprecedented amount of electoral bribes. Criminal cases have been filed, people have been arrested. And the other side accuses him of using administrative resources; that is, three players present evidence that the elections were disgraceful.

Apparently, the forces that bought votes say, 'It’s ok, declare the elections invalid,' whereas the force, which pretends to be the Blessed Virgin Mary, says, 'It’s ok, let these dirty elections remain.' It's a bit illogical," he said.

According to Galstyan, the electoral fraud took place from the beginning, as a result of a change in the law, and in a planned and systematized manner. "It was done by the authorities because neither [ex-Presidents] Robert Kocharyan, nor Serzh Sargsyan, nor the other parties were completely deprived of those levers to be able to rig [elections] on this scale. In my subjective opinion, a mechanism of total monitoring of the voters has been set up; that is, the authorities knew how people are voting and had the opportunity to administer. "

The opposition "Armenia" and "I Have Honor" blocs, as well as the opposition Zartonk (Awakening) and Hayots Hayrenik (Armenian Homeland) parties have petitioned to the Constitutional Court in order to dispute the aforesaid election results.

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