September 23
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A European consumer organization has complained to the European Commission about WhatsApp, claiming that the messenger violates EU rules.

The European Consumer Organization, along with eight of its members, filed a complaint with the European Commission today ... on WhatsApp for numerous consumer violations in the EU, the press release said.

For several months, WhatsApp unreasonably insists that users accept the new terms of use and privacy policy. However, these terms are opaque and incomprehensible to users, the organization says.

The complaint is primarily about constant, repetitive, and intrusive notifications pushing users to accept WhatsApp policy updates. The content of these notifications, their nature, timing, and repetition put undue pressure on users and limit their freedom of choice. Thus, they are in violation of the EU directive on unfair business practices, the release says.

In addition, the complaint emphasizes the opacity of the new rules and the fact that WhatsApp was unable to explain the nature of the changes being made in simple and understandable language.

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