July 31
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During yesterday’s show aired on Armenian Public Television, Petros Ghazaryan was interviewing Gurgen (Gagik) Melkonyan, who worked at the dairy products complex in Hatsashen village of Etchmiadzin in 1983-88, went on to serve as Deputy Minister of Defense of Armenia for the Rear inn 1996-2008 (with intervals) and was awarded the title of Major General in 2000 and the title of Lieutenant General in 2003. This is what attorney Lusine Sahakyan wrote on her Facebook page, adding the following:

“While sharing several reflections, this person also expressed thoughts about Artur Vanetsyan. In particular, the person stated the following: “Vanetsyan went and escaped. It was not too long before he escaped. They went there, collected the weapons, they knew that there were weapons that had been dropped there and left abandoned, they collected the weapons and brought them to Armenia. Their goal was to go and bring weapons”.

Even a person with the shoulder-straps of an army general and who has become a deputy of the National Assembly under the list of Civil Contract Party must think before speaking and be responsible for his statements.

A civil claim demanding refutation of the clearly defamatory statements and compensation for moral damage is already being prepared. We will meet in court.”

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