July 31
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Citizens of the city of Kajaran of Syunik Province of Armenia are holding a protest demanding the release of their mayor Manvel Paramazyan.

The citizens are holding signs reading “Manvel Paramazyan is a freedom FIGHTER, Manvel Paramazyan is NOT liberated”, “A freedom fighter in a country at war is imprisoned only in favor of the enemy”.

One of the participants of the protest said the following: “Armenia is at war, and the heads of communities of Syunik Province have voluntarily left for the border with the spirit of freedom fighters. In a country at war, the first thing that is necessary is unity, but instead of that, people are split again, and there are more political persecutions.”

Another protester stated that the people of Kajaran are sad without their mayor and are waiting for his release.

After giving remarks, the protesters marched on the streets of Kajaran.

A petition demanding the release of Paramazyan has been held for a few days now.

On July 9, Manvel Paramazyan is charged with giving bribes to voters, taking bribes, violating the ban on charity during elections or obstructing the exercise of a voter’s free will. Paramazyan doesn’t accept the charges and says all this is a part of the chain of political persecutions against him.

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