August 03
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What is happening on Armenia’s borders is a small part of the big picture, and after the events in Yeraskh, it seems we have forgotten that there is Sev Lake and a large number of Azerbaijani soldiers in Armenia’s territory. This is what former President of Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), leader of the opposition ‘Armenia’ bloc Robert Kocharyan declared during an interview with Channel 5, Yerkir TV and Second Armenian Channel television channels.

“This is the continuation of all that was happening to Armenia during the war and in the post-war period. Armenia showed that it doesn’t have the opportunity to give a dignified response, and Azerbaijan will advance its agenda through such actions. Such provocations have created a situation where the people see the risk of a new war and are very easily getting along with the signing of another document, and the subsequent concession that the people will accept as salvation, not treason,” Kocharyan said.

According to the leader of ‘Armenia’ bloc, the authorities will use the technology of planned defeat, that is, they will present another document contradicting Armenian national interests as salvation.

“Nothing will surprise me anymore. Yes, an agreement is being drafted, and it can’t be an agreement without Armenia’s recognition of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, meaning Artsakh won’t have a future,” Kocharyan said.

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