July 27
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Have the reasons that led to the internal political crisis disappeared? Of course, they have not disappeared. Now we have to answer one question: the election is a time machine. Can it turn back time or not? Well, it is clear that it cannot. Therefore, what happened in October-November will haunt this political team throughout their lives. Former president of the two Armenian republics, leader of the opposition "Armenia" bloc Robert Kocharyan stated this in an interview with several television channels.

"About 400 thousand people voted for the political forces that considered these authorities a traitor, a capitulator, incompetent, and a number of other similar synonyms. These people have remained in Armenia, these people, by the way, with their activeness, their consciousness, their ability to analyze, are a rather qualified part of our population. Now, how can we talk about overcoming the political crisis? By the way, we are not talking about different approaches, what social policy is implemented in Armenia: more liberal or more socialist? It is not about the state's participation in different spheres. We are talking about fundamental issues, about fundamental losses. You see, we do not have answers to a number of questions: how did we lose Shushi, Hadrut [cities of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)]? If we do not have those answers, is it possible to talk about overcoming the internal political crisis? There can be no such thing. Maybe now all this will get a little less, much sharper sound in a month, but, I repeat: the election is not a time machine, it does not erase the past," said Robert Kocharyan.

The second President of Armenia considers such a decision of 400 thousand citizens quite a serious public revolt, and does not believe that at least one of them will change his opinion, and they will demand the answers to the questions raised by him today.

"We have not received any reasonable answer, no explanation as to, after all, whether this war was a planned defeat or what was it. And if you consider this division within the country over such an issue which, I repeat, is not social, but is a question of the nation’s being or not, whether state’s being or not, if you think that this separation is not enough, so to speak, for the country to enter a new stage of political activation at any moment, you are wrong, it is not so. This is a landmine that will be in the political life of the country as long as our society has not received the answers to those questions," Kocharyan said.

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