July 30
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: The issue of the third vice-speaker available to the NA [(National Assembly)] opposition will most probably be resolved by the following mechanism: The [opposition] "I Have Honor" bloc will give the [opposition] "Armenia" bloc the opportunity of the first [such] attempt. The largest opposition force [in parliament] will nominate its candidate; but if the candidate is not elected by secret ballot, "I have honor" will use the opportunity of the second attempt.

The authorities’ circles, however, have reservations about the candidates being nominated by "I have honor," too. If the bloc nominates an RPA [i.e., the former ruling party] candidate, they will reject again.

By the way, [third President and RPA chairman] Serzh Sargsyan wants that position to be filled by the number three on the [“I Have Honor” bloc’s electoral] list: the unknown and very young [woman] Anna Mkrtchyan, the daughter of the Kasakh village mayor. However, the pro-government ones tend to choose the most experienced and probable candidate from "I Have Honor": Ishkhan Zakaryan, the former Chairman of the Control Chamber.

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