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The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia has undergone structural reforms. This week, acting Minister of Emergency Situations Andranik Piloyan had a meeting with representatives of all the key subdivisions and state non-commercial organizations to discuss issues related to performance discipline, increase of effectiveness, vaccinations against the pandemic and issues on making employees enterprising, and several departments held a friendly discussion on solutions to the issues concerning employees, as reported the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia.

One of the structural reforms is the transformation of the Division for Policy Development of the Department for Policy Development and International Cooperation into the Department for Development of Policies on Disaster Risk Management. In this regard, the acting minister became familiar with the Department’s work, talked to the employees and listened to their concerns and proposals. Piloyan attached importance to the work of the Department, the head of which informed that the Department will have new specialists soon.

The unit is currently involved with the development of action plans for 2025-2026. Piloyan mentioned that the next step will be revision of the National Strategy on Disaster Risk Management.

Piloyan’s meetings ended with a meeting with the staff of the Rescue Service. The acting minister attached importance to the Service’s activities and highly appreciated the work done. Piloyan also informed the staff that he has addressed the Government of Armenia with the request to change the procedure for holding a competition for hiring rescuers living at a distance of 50 kilometers from their residences.

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