May 23
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To mark the 120th anniversary of famous architect Hovhannes Margaryan, the Yerevan Brandy Company initiated restoration works of the main building’s façade.

The Yerevan Brandy Company has initiated the restoration works of the architectural decorative elements - stone cornices of the facade of the main building.

The main building of the Yerevan Brandy Company designed by Hovhannes Margaryan back in 1940s, became a symbol of the capital, which is part of the historical and cultural heritage of Armenia, and is included in the state list of immovable historical and cultural monuments of Yerevan. The restoration works were preceded by a comprehensive research and discussions with the corresponding officials of the Republic of Armenia, as a result of which the restoration project was approved by all interested parties.

The filigree restoration of the stone cornices is intended to ensure the strength of the building and the safety of people and the surrounding area, as well as the preservation of this unique architectural heritage. According to the historical evidence, Hovhannes Margaryan while designing the building chose tuff, which is also known as an architectural endemic of Armenia, to underline the idea that it is very here that Armenian Brandy – the symbol of country is created. It is symbolic that this stone is changing its color and can vary from light pink to amber depending on time of the day and weather conditions.

According to the creator's idea, the facade part of building of the Yerevan Brandy Company hosts the longest possible stage of brandy production, the aging process. It should be noted that in the area of this magnificent building, which is the symbolic gateway of the eastern part of the capital, is situated also the ARARAT Museum, where visitors can reveal all the heritage of the legendary brandies.

"Among other investment projects aimed at expanding the manufacturing capacities and preserving cultural heritage, the restoration of the stone cornices of the Yerevan Brandy Company is important not only in terms of aesthetics or security, but also from the perspective of emphasizing our Armenian identity and architectural signature. Following the meticulous work of specialists and already by viewing the result in some areas, I think this is a great opportunity for all of us, both directly and symbolically, to look up and being inspired from there," said Serge Khachatryan, Chief Operating Officer of the Yerevan Brandy Company.

“The Yerevan Brandy Company was lucky enough to have this building. The architect Hovhannes Margaryan has managed to achieve the perfect design for the building, which was destined to become the home of the famous ARARAT brandies. The slightly elongated facade, thanks to deep niches, so typical of Armenian architecture, creates the effect of diversity in unity, which is so typical for the taste and aroma of brandy. The building is made of golden shade tuff, the color of which reminds us of the magical beverage that is maturing in its depths. And the building itself is getting better and better over the years - just like brandy. However, the "house of brandy" needs care, a master's eye to preserve the best of it. I believe there is such care. That is, the building is lucky too”, said Mark Grigoryan, Director of the National Museum-Institute of Architecture after Alexander Tamanyan.

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