March 26
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I record the fact that these authorities are incapable of serving Armenia’s interests. This is what Spokesperson of the Republican Party of Armenia Eduard Sharmazanov wrote on his Facebook page.

“Armenia is only losing after the capitulation.

I strongly believe that there is no power in Armenia in the classic sense. If there was a power, the war would have ended much sooner, the issue of captives would have been solved, the statement of January 11 wouldn’t have been drawn up, the authorities wouldn’t have let the Azerbaijanis invade Sev Lake, they would have defended our state and national interests, would have talked about achieving dignified peace during the election campaign instead of waving a hammer here and there.

We Armenians have lost our sovereignty. I regret to say that the current so-called government is incapable of solving the national issues and, in essence, isn’t doing anything.

Armenia is only losing after November 9, 2020, and it will continue to lose so long as the main symbol of defeat is sitting in the “chair”.

I record the fact that these authorities are incapable of serving Armenia’s interests.

I have stated several times that there can’t be demarcation and delimitation of borders by accepting as a basis the maps of the Soviet Union since modern-day Azerbaijan is not the legal successor of Soviet Azerbaijan. It is the legal successor of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan of 1918-20 that wasn't even recognized by the League of Nations.

The regime that signed the capitulation act has forgotten about this. How can there be talks about demarcation and delimitation when there is not a word about the status of Artsakh? Don’t tell me the people cast their votes for these authorities.

The people also cast their votes for Hitler and Mussolini, but they led their respective countries to perdition,” he wrote.

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